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Broadway Bikes Workshop FAQ

Frequently Asked Bicycle Repair Questions

Broadside BikesDo I have to book my bike in?

NO! Just come in with your bike, unlike most shops in London you do not have to go through the tedious process of booking in a repair, only to be told you will have to wait 2 weeks, not very helpful when you use your bike every day

I use my bike during the week to get to work, can you fix it at the weekend?

YES! Bring your bike in Saturday morning, most of the time it will be ready on Sunday

How long will it take?

Most repairs are ready the next day... Quicker jobs can sometimes be done the same day.

We do genuinely try to get your bike repaired as quick as possible, we often work long hours to accomplish this, however, to be fair to everyone we have to stagger our workload, so please bear this in mind if we can’t do your bike immediately

I don’t know much about bikes, will you make me look like a fool, like the last bike shop I went into?

Relax, we are not condescending bike snobs here! We are well aware of the attitude that some bike shops in London seem to have, you will find us friendly and easy to deal with.

How much will it cost?

We will need to see your bike first, we will then give you a firm price for the repair, if any further work is required we will contact you first, so nasty surprises.

My bike is really old, but I like it, will you be able repair it?

YES, very likely, because we have such a busy workshop, and because we been in business for 3 decades we have a large and very varied stock of service parts, and just as importantly we have the acquired knowledge.

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